If all the pupils at New Close Primary School, Warminster, brought in a few coins and laid them in a line, how long would the trail be, how much would the coins weigh and how much money would be collected?

Those were the $64 million questions 10-year-old Katie Strong posed for her classmates and teachers in a bid to raise money for the Um Jungle Patrol, a campaign to make children more aware of their environment and help raise vital funds for conservation.

And the money literally kept on growing! "We started the trail in the corridor outside our classroom and by the first day it had gone past four classrooms and the staff room," said Katie, of Chancery Lane, Warminster. "By the time it had finished it went out to our wildlife garden then all the way back through the school again."

Pupils had to guess the weight, length and value of the coins - and winners Bradley White, Kara Donnelley and Chloe Royce Rogers were rewarded with cuddly soft jungle animals. The Um Jungle Patrol, sponsored by children's fruit juice drink Um Bongo and headed by TV wildlife expert Chris Packham, was a clear winner too. Katie and her friends raised nearly £60 to help save the bumblebee in the UK and the orangtuans in Borneo.

The coin trail was Katie's first plan of action after being chosen as an Um Jungle Patrol ambassador for the South West. If you want to help Katie by organising similar projects write to her at Um Jungle Patrol, 8 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9TY.

And just in case you are still guessing - the coins stretched for 82.27metres, weighed 26.19kg - exactly the same as Year Six pupil Claire Phillips! -and were worth £59.51.