Are you aged between seven and eleven years?
Do you care about saving the environment?
Are you ready to have some fun?
Then the Um Jungle Patrol needs YOU!

Eight child ambassadors have been selected
nationwide to help spread the Um Jungle
Patrol's message about our endangered
wildlife and help raise money for conservation.
It's a huge job but if you and all your friends
join in we can really make a difference- and
have fun and learn something about threatened
species at the same time.

Help encourage your local wildlife by creating a haven for butterflies, birds and bats. Change your behaviour and that of others!

Fund-raising might be selling animal-shaped cookies at the local fete, or a sponsored walk, bike ride or even a sponsored silence!

If you have a great idea for fund-raising, write to:
Um Jungle Patrol, 8 High Street, Hurstpierpoint,
West Sussex. BN6 9TY.