Pupils at Oakbank Primary School could have been forgiven for saying "Yuck" when their last school dinner of the half term was served up. Instead they tucked into Dolphin Delight with gusto - followed by Swamp Jelly and washed down with Jungle Juice.

The Jungle-themed lunch was conjured up by head cook Janice Wood at the request of 10-year-old Rachel Fagan, who has been chosen as Um Jungle Patrol ambassador for Scotland. Along with seven other ambassadors all over the country, Rachel's mission is to help spread the message about our endangered species and raise money for conservation here in the UK and abroad.

Rachel, of Anderson Drive, Perth, persuaded classmates to design posters and blow up balloons to decorate the school dining hall and there were prizes for winners of competitions to help the jungle lunch go with a swing.

She said: "Jungle food may sound a bit gross but it tasted delicious, especially the Swamp Jelly. It made lunch time fun and we raised some money for wildlife charities to help the bumblebee and orangutans at the same time."