Not all Red Squirrels are red. Their fur changes colour from summer to winter and some squirrels' fur is almost black!


Tigers live in the continent of Asia and can be found in the jungles and grasslands of countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. One hundred years ago there may have been as many as 100.000 tigers, but now due to the loss of their habitat and illegal hunting for their fur and bones there are probably no more than 5,000!

Are the world's largest land mammals. They can weigh up to six tonnes and grow up to four metres high. There are two species of elephant, the Asian and the African elephant. They look different, Asian elephants are smaller and have smaller ears. Sadly elephants are hunted for their ivory tusks, and even though it's illegal many have been slaughtered for ivory. This trade in ivory, combined with the loss of its forest home in Asia has led the numbers of Asian elephants to drop to around 40,000.

Are found within a range of extinct volcanic mountains in the eastern Central Africa countries of Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Here they are threatened with extinction and number only around 600! Mountain Gorillas live in forests in family groups, of between 5 and 10 individuals. They eat mainly plants, feeding on stems, shoots and a variety of fruits.

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