Not all Red Squirrels are red. Their fur changes colour from summer to winter and some squirrels' fur is almost black!


Although common throughout Europe and Asia, the red squirrel is now rare in Britain and is considered an endangered species here. A possible cause for its decline is the destruction of its woodland habitat and competition for food with its larger relative the grey squirrel. Red squirrels are found in forests. Here they are tree-living and they nest in a ball of twigs and leaves built in branches or fork of a tree. This home is called a drey. They feed mainly on tree seeds, but will eat bark, insects or flowers and can live up to five years.

A bat is a mammal and there are 16 species of bat living in Britain. The most common species of bat is the pipistrelle. They are also our smallest bat- with wings folded they fit into a matchbox! Bats leave their roost (the place that they hang upside down and sleep!) at dusk to hunt for flying insects. They find their food by echo-location. Most bats feed in and around woodland, or other places like lakes and rivers where insects can be found. The pipistrelle can be found in our gardens and around street lights but not in the cold winter months as, like other bats, this is when they sleep (hibernate), only waking up when spring arrives.

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That bats call out and the echoes bounce back from objects, so helping the bat locate where the objects are.