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PC Screen saver

PC Screensaver

Download this fantastic Um Bongo screen saver for your PC. Just download the on to your computer, extract using a program like Winzip and run the extracted file. The Um bongo screensaver will now get added to the list of available screen savers on your computer. Just go to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Display and select the Screen Saver tab. Select Um Bongo from the dropdown and click Apply.

Click here to download the PC Screen Saver (Zip - 875KB)

NB Please note it's safe to ignore any security warnings that may occur when downloading or installing the Um Bongo screensaver - If you have any questions please contact us.



Impress your friends with funky Um Bongo goodies for your mobile! If you've got a web enabled phone, just key in into your phones web browser to access our free* download site designed for web enabled mobiles.

If you have a bluetooth enabled phone & PC, download the files to your PC & transfer to your phone using bluetooth for free! Go to to get the files.

If you need help, just contact us and we'll try our best to answer your questions - don't forget to include your phone make and model (i.e. Nokia 7610).

* Your mobile phone service provider may make an additional charge for downloading data from the internet - please check your contract before downloading!



Click to download the TV Advert Download the Um Bongo TV Advert. Video in Quicktime format (700k).

Watch the video now, or right-click choose "Save target as..." to save the video on to your computer. Mac users hold Control key, click, and choose "Download link to disk".



Click to download the Um bongo song in mp3 formatDownload the Um Bongo Song in mp3 format (500k).

Hear the song now, or right-click choose "Save target as..." to save the song on to your computer. Mac users hold Control key, click, and choose "Download link to disk".

And to help you sing along...

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo, a hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango. He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango.

The rhino said, "I know, we'll call it Um Bongo", Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.

The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin. The parrot painted packets, that the whole caboodle landed in.

So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle, They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!